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Cielo y Tierra

New CD Rosa Incaica

ROSA INCAICA takes a musical journey through Argentina and Latin America with interpretations of traditional and contemporary popular and folk songs from the region. The group’s musical expedition combines repertoire rooted in the folk tradition, including its own original compositions, with arrangements that broach the classical chamber music world. "We make music with the spirit of the popular with the care of the classical and academic world," synthesizes González Jazey when presenting the group that has just released their CD, Cielo y Tierra.

Founded in 2008, ROSA INCAICA - comprised of Annelise Skovmand (voice/percussion), Pablo González Jazey (guitar/arranger/music director) and Pablo Manuel Arroyo (piano/percussion/vocals) - is the result of a process that began some years ago with the work of the Inca Rose Duo. González Jazey, with his subtle style and Annelise Skovmand, possessing a unique vocal timbre and expressiveness, tackled the works of Argentinean classical composers Alberto Ginastera and Carlos Guastavino in their CD Flores Argentinas: " a delicate and balanced lilt between the traditions of folk and art song," as described by poet, León Benarós. Their musical collaboration began more than a decade ago with their recording Things We Said Tomorrow - a CD where in a very exceptional way John Dowland and Lennon-McCartney cohabitate with a selection of Catalonian folk songs. Now, along with Pablo Manuel Arroyo, they start a new chapter in the field of popular music, with its own signature sound.

Cielo y Tierra

ROSA INCAICA takes a musical journey through Argentina with interpretations of traditional and contemporary folk songs & tango from the region.
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Cielo y Tierra - Rosa Incaica Trío