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Cleo Productions is an independent production company dedicated to the development of the performing arts.

Despite the fact that through globalization many customs have unified throughout the world, every country also maintains its own traditions. To penetrate particular markets one must be familiar with these traditions and setting them aside could be considered a strategic mistake. A clear example of this is the Latin American market where countries at different stages of development exist along side each other. Though the region shares a long history of European colonization, native customs have developed independently, leading to diverse and rich cultures within each country of Latin America distinct from each other within the region and from the rest of the world. To break into this region is no easy task.

Cleo Productions is able to effectively offer its services to these markets due to Annelise Skovmand's experience, based on first hand knowledge of the customs and life-styles of the countries in the Americas, in addition to a fluent use of Spanish and English.

Annelise Skovmand General Manager

Founder of Cleo Productions, Annelise Skovmand has worked in many aspects of the performing arts - both on the stage, in front of and behind the curtains. She earned here Master of Arts in Arts Administration degree from Columbia University in New York.

Ms. Skovmand's diverse experience in arts administration includes:

  • Columbia Artists Management (CAMI) in New York where she served as Artist Representative to the singers, instrumentalists and attractions on the CAMI roster.
  • Assistant House Manager for the Miller Theatre at Columbia University In New York.
  • General Manager to the Boston Camerata, responsible for the production coordination for their Angels recording
  • Assistant to the Director of the Music Department at The Boston Conservatory, Massachusetts.
  • Director of Educational Outreach for the Boston Modern Orchestra Project.
  • Board Member for The Boston Conservatory Alumni Association.
  • Elected Chorus Committee Member for the Tanglewood Festival Chorus.
  • As Research Assistant for Cultural Policy and Cultural Diplomacy at Columbia University, she was responsible for the planning and coordination of the conference 'Cultural Diplomacy in Arts and Education' sponsored by Columbia University, Teachers College and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy's New York Office.

Bi-lingual in Spanish and English, Annelise Skovmand divides her activities between Florida and Buenos Aires.



Personalizad Artist Management to recognized artists

Cleo Productions works directly with the individual artist from the initial creative process to reaching the public through concerts, recordings and/or new technologies.

The artists that Cleo Productions represents are selected not only for being among the finest in their specific genre, but also for their excellent human qualities and their constant quest to break new horizons in their form of artistic expression.



Production of Independt Recording Projects

Cleo Productions specializes in the highest caliber of music production for the solo and chamber music repertoire.

The company works with each individual artist through advisement as to the selection of appropriate works in accordance with the artist's musical qualities, technical orientation and consultation, music production for recording sessions, ultimately leading to the coordination of the final product.



Development of Cultural Events with Cultural Procers and Venues

With experience and knowledge, Cleo Productions provides planning, coordination and development assistance for special cultural productions and projects for cultural producers and venues.

Cielo y Tierra

ROSA INCAICA takes a musical journey through Argentina with interpretations of traditional and contemporary folk songs & tango from the region.
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Cielo y Tierra - Rosa Incaica Trío